ultimate contest! Samsung S4 and Apple iPhone 5 screen contrast

     With Apple iPhone 4, fourth-generation models turned out, also includes red burst with its onboard IPS screen, with a true color reproduction, display fine and so became one of the best screen people's minds. Samsung's Super AMOLED HD is essential for high-end phones in recent years one of the screens, with fine quality, rich colors, viewing angle advantage, although the two screens using different techniques, but all when is currently the most advanced screen.

As for the screen size, if only a single judge in accordance with the screen size, I believe many of my friends will be a 4-inch screen iPhone 5 as a mid-range models to treat, after all, the current smart phone market, the 4-inch screen really only be considered mid-intelligent machines as standard. Samsung GALAXY S4 used 5-inch screen looks more suitable for some, because the current entertainment dominated era, large screen allows users to play games, watch movies and even read books, has a better experience.

      In addition, the Samsung GALAXY S4 of 1920 × 1080 pixels 1136x640 pixels compared to the iPhone 5 is slightly higher, although S4 also has a larger screen, but PPi is still slightly higher than the iPhone 5. However, because the human eye can identify the pixel level is limited, so both models naked eye can see the details of the differences are not significant. In the display, from our comparison chart you can see, because the use of different screen technology, so the Samsung GALAXY S4 also have their own strengths and Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 5's screen is more brighter, permeability performance good, but tends to warm more GALAXY S4 screen, showing a more saturated color, a screen that is more pleasing GALAXY S4 eyes.

       In the screen that displays the content, the Samsung GALAXY S4 is better than Apple iPhone 5 on too much, whether browsing the web or looking at photos, thanks to 5-inch large screen, GALAXY S4 can show a more comfortable visual effect. But also in the text input on GALAXY S4 is also very accurate, misuse rate is extremely low.

        In addition, since the Apple iPhone 5 has been used previously abandoned the classic 3.5-inch screen, and replacing a larger 4-inch screen, although still compatible with APP store on the application and the game, but because the resolution of reasons, compared iPhone4/4S more than 176 vertical pixels, so it is impossible to be perfect compatibility, running the old APP will be a 176-pixel black border. Although the iPhone 5 have been listed for some time, but there are some timely updates iOS app does not make adjustments.

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