Samsung GALAXY Note3 Interpretation: With GALAXY Gear colorful selection

Bubble net mobile channel on September 5 Samsung GALAXY Note3 officially released this morning, the phone in appearance from the Samsung GALAXY Note2 cobblestone shape that substantially restored back Note1 rectangular design. But the border has become more narrow, for this phone, you should know is not a lot, after all, the conference we were able to obtain limited information, here we come to sort out the contents of the conference, to see what the Samsung GALAXY Note3 features.
Samsung GALAXY Note 3


Learned from the conference, the Samsung GALAXY Note3 thickness of only 8.3mm, weighs 168g, for a mobile phone has a 5.7 ​​inches display screen, this type of thickness and weight is quite satisfactory. Note3 one of the biggest feature is the use of leather back cover, from the texture of the plastic material used than ever better.

Samsung GALAXY Note3 has a black, white, in three colors, but Samsung full consideration to the diverse needs of users for the colors, including the provision of yellow, orange, gray and other cover as an accessory to purchase.

The role is not just to protect holster body and add phone colors, more is let the phone in the operation easier. Samsung Note3 and S4 leather holster has the same function, you can not open the case holster complete answer the phone, you can also set S View window background pattern, in succession S4 is based on a new innovation.


In fact, the Samsung GALAXY Note3 advantage is not obvious, this phone uses a 5.7 ​​inches 1080P display, the phone built 3GB RAM, Memory, surprisingly advantage. Samsung Note3 There are two versions, one version with a quad-core LTE 2.3GHz processor, which should be Xiaolong 800 processors, while the other version is using Samsung's own dual quad-core processors. These two processors, the performance Xiaolong 800 is slightly higher, but higher than the limited experience on the use can be ignored gap.

Phone has a 13 million pixel camera phone in the current trend towards the camera, the Samsung While this camera is not eye-catching, but can shoot 4K video is worthy of recognition. Phone standard battery capacity of 3200 mAh, at least ensure that the phone one day of use.


On the operating system, the Samsung GALAXY Note3 uses Android 4.3 operating system, the interface compared with the current Samsung S4 change is not very obvious, the details of some of the new changes. Samsung mobile phone users accustomed to using Note3 should also be very handy.


Mentioned in Note series, we must say that S Pen, Samsung GALAXY Note3 further optimize the S Pen, first, S Pen is now more shapely, so now you do not need to adjust the S Pen to a specific angle to insert it back into pen slot. Secondly, I would Note 2 of the S Pen in Note 3 on trial and found that it can do almost all of the features - the only difference is that some of the pressure sensitivity becomes smaller. This change makes the S Pen becomes more smoothly.

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