Samsung S4 ultimate contest shape contrast with Apple iPhone 5

    As their top intelligence platform king, Samsung GALAXY S4 and Apple iPhone 5 is too naturally by designers carefully designed, with good workmanship and feel. For which product shape design better, in fact, look at each person as each person different from a product perspective, as a famously put it, "a thousand people have a thousand eyes of Hamlet," regardless of any product outline how the design, there are always some to like, but the group is divided into "public" or "small minority" fills so how the exterior design of a product is the most difficult for people to affirm.

     Body design and workmanship Samsung GALAXY S4 is one of the highlights, followed intelligence, harmony, natural elements constituted "Make it Meaningful" design philosophy, the overall continuation of Samsung's simple and clear design. While still using a plastic material, but compared to a lot of good GALAXY S3, but this Samsung GALAXY S4 Both white and black versions are quite three-dimensional shadow texture to enhance the overall appearance of the visual texture. Utility and aesthetics to achieve harmony and balance, but also a manifestation of Samsung's design philosophy

     Previously Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 4S glass screen and curved edge design popular with consumers, but this classic design has been used for two generations, so the design of iPhone 5 in the fuselage made ​​a change, the use of more metal material , still continues Apple products unique aesthetics and excellent industrial design. But also the history of the iPhone 5 Apple's thinnest smartphone, the thickness of only 7.6mm, compared to the iPhone 4S is 20% lighter.

As said before, the shape of the design of these two products, we can not very subjective to judge and choose the iPhone 5 refined metal or choose natural flawless Samsung GALAXY S4, it depends on personal preference. But it is undeniable, iPhone 5 is too similar to previous generations of products design, users will inevitably produce fatigue. And "Diaoqi" problem is still not resolved, contrast Samsung GALAXY S4 is aesthetically a major mishap.

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