The ultimate contest Samsung S4 processor comparison with Apple iPhone 5

     I believe many of my friends are aware, the Samsung GALAXY S4 and Apple iPhone 5 are the most obvious difference is equipped with intelligent systems, respectively, for the latest Android 4.2 version of the system with iOS 6 system, and as for the two different platforms what the weak strong the problem, I believe with the appearance of the same and no one can give a complete answer to the standard, both systems have their own characteristics, the target user groups also differ from each other.

     Samsung GALAXY S4 is equipped with the Android system is the biggest feature is the open source nature, in addition to allowing users to download free APP procedures, its excellent human-computer interaction is an eye-opener, the difference in experience is also from Samsung previous generation GALAXY S3, has been trying to emphasize. Such as smart pause, Air View, story albums, etc., are able to bring users a good experience.

     Apple's iOS system has been adhering to the "user experience" concept, iPhone 5 is used in iOS 6 operating system, compared to the previous system, a revolutionary evolution, iOS 6 more focused on improving the overall functionality. And Siri voice assistant on Apple products has become a major attraction, but for domestic users, the Chinese version of Siri also some very practical, pronunciation blunt, "understanding" is also problematic.

     In addition, in the hardware configuration, if only from the point of view the performance data used in the Samsung GALAXY S4 Samsung Exynos 5 octa processors in the current market is a very famous, the first to be interpreted as a major media and users' eight-core processors. "However, according to Samsung's interpretation, this Exynos 5 octa precisely should be called "dual quad-core" processor, using 28nm process technology, consists of four processors and four A7 A15 architecture architecture processor combination, not only computing speed is guaranteed, and can effectively solve the excessive power consumption and extend battery life.

    And familiar Apple iPhone users are very understanding, not Apple hardware has always been the strengths of Apple's products do not attach importance to its intelligent hardware configuration. Though called iPhone 5 equipped with a computing speed and graphics processing capabilities are to reach the previous generation dual-core A5 processor Apple A6 processor 2-fold, but Apple did not disclose the specific A6 processor clock speed and number of cores. However, there is related media using software verification, Fengyun A6 processor is likely to remain with dual-core processing core, clocked at 1.2GHz.

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