Samsung Galaxy S5 Recovery to Restore deleted Photos on Samsung Galaxy S5

Many people like to taking photos and videos in their daily life with the new Galaxy S5,and all photos and videos stored on the Samsung devices.Because it’s high resolution shooting effects,more and more people use Samsung Galaxy S5.But sometimes you may lost or deleted photos on your mobile phone.
samsung galaxy s5 photo recovery
Accidentally deleted photos, pictures on your Samsung Galaxy S5? Have you ever lost your pictures, videos and other media data from Samsung galaxy S5, or formatted the photos from SD card inside your Galaxy S5? Don't worry! This Android Samsung Galaxy S5 Data Recovery can help you restore photos on Android phone in a simple and secure way,it supports recover Samsung Galaxy S5 photos, videos, contacts, whatsapp and text messages directly.Now,let’s shows you the use guide to restore photos from Samsung Galaxy S5 in 4 simple steps.

Download Android Data Recovery and have a try to recover your lost data from Galaxy S5.
Download Windows Version Download Mac Version
How to recover photos and videos on Samsung Galaxy S5

Note: Once you deleted/lost photos and videos from your Samsung Galaxy, don't take any new photo, videos or transfer new documents to it, because those deleted files will be overwritten by new data.

Step 1. Run Android Data Recovery and connect Samsung to computer
Download, install and run Android Data Recovery on your computer. Connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to computer via USB cable.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging for your Samsung Galaxy phone

Step 3. Begin to analyzing and scan your Galaxy S5

Step 4. Preview and restore photos and videos from Samsung Galaxy S5
Preview the recoverable file in the category of "Gallery" and "Videos" at the left side of the window, then check the files you want back and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.
Restore deleted Photos on Samsung Galaxy S5
What's more about Android Data Recovery:

1) Restore lost or deleted contacts and SMS text messages directly from your Android smartphone.
2) Get back pictures, video, audio files and document from SD cards inside your Android device, no matter they are lost because of accidentally deleting, factory resetting, flashing ROM or rooting, etc.
3) Preview and selectively check to get back pictures, messages and contacts.
4) Almost all Android smartphones and tablets are supported, such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, etc.
5) Read and retrieve the data with 100% safety and quality.

Tips: To avoiding lost photos and videos on your Samsung Galaxy S5,please remember backup Samsung Galaxy data to computer with a Android to computer Transfer software,this useful Android manage tool not only can help you backup media files from Android devices to computer,but also allows you backup text messages, contacts from Android to computer.


How to Recover Deleted Videos on Samsung

I want to recover deleted video from my Samsung galaxy S3,any way helps me restore those deleted videos? Last week,I accidentlly deleted video on Galaxy S3,that take in my sister’s birthday,those videos were very important for me.It was added as a message, but I canceled out of it and that video was also deleted from my gallery. I have searched my phone memory card and it is nowhere to be found with the original .mp4 extension. Please help me recover deleted video form Samsung Galaxy S3.
Samsung Video Recovery
Recover Deleted Videos on Samsung with Samsung Galaxy Video Recovery

Don’t worry,if you deleted video on Samsung mobile phone,you have chance to restore deleted video on Samsung galaxy phone,but please don’t use your mobile phone again,avoiding data are rewrite and covered.To recover video from Samsung,all you need is a Samsung Video Recovery-Android Data Recovery,which allows you recover lost or deleted video from Samsung phone or tablets.What’s more,this Android Samsung Data Recovery also can help you restore other lost data from Samsung,such as contacts, text messages, photos and music.

Free download the Android data recovery to restore video from Samsung:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to Recover Deleted Videos on Samsung Galaxy

Step 1 Connect your Galaxy to a PC
When you finish downloading the Samsung recovery tool, install and run it on the computer. Then connect your phone to PC via USB.

Connect your Galaxy to a PC

Step 2 Enable USB debugging on your device

The program will prompt you to "Enable USB debugging" according to three different situations. Check your Android OS version and choose one for your phone.
1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter "Settings" < Click "Applications" < Click "Development" < Check "USB debugging"
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter "Settings" < Click "About Phone" < Tap "Build number" for several times until getting a note "You are under developer mode" < Back to "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"

Step 3 Begin to analyzing and scanning your Samsung Galaxy
After the debugging, you’ll be asked to click the “Start” button for the program to analyze your phone.

When the analysis finishes, you will see a request pops up on your phone. Just click "Allow" and back to your computer to click "Start" button one-by-one, which will allow the program to scan lost data from your device.

Step 4 Recover videos from Samsung Galaxy
At the last step, all your data will be scanned out on a scan report. Tick “Videos” on the left column, then check the videos you want back and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

Just 4 steps to carry out, then you can find back and enjoy all your deleted videos again. You can download the free version to have a try first.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Tips: You can also recover Samsung photos, contacts, messages in the same steps easily.

Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy

Recover Lost Data from Android Phone

How to Transfer Data to Samsung Galaxy S5


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How to Transfer Data to Samsung Galaxy S5

transfer data to Samsung Galaxy S5
Having a new Samsung Galaxy mobile phone? Used to use Nokia mobile phones, Apple iPhones or other types of Android/Samsung Smartphone, wanting to transfer contacts, photos and other documents from your old devices to the new Samsung Galaxy S5? As Samsung becoming more and more popular, Samsung Galaxy attracted quite a number of users and fans to buy it. However, how to transfer tons of data to your full-new Samsung Galaxy S5 no need to do so one by one manually, such as transfer contacts from iPhone, HTC, Motolora and more to Samsung Galaxy S5?

Phone to Phone Transfer can transfer data including text messages (SMS), call logs, pictures, music, videos and apps between multiple phones, including Android, Symbian and iOS devices. So, you can easily and effectively transfer data from your old mobile phone to Samsung Galaxy S5 with a click.

Free Download:
Phone to Phone Transfer

Simple Steps Transfer Data to Samsung Galaxy S5

Step 1: Running the program on your PC
Install and launch the Phone to Phone Transfer software on your PC. Then the main interface will pop up.

Step 2: Connect both of your phones with the PC
Connect both your old phone and Galaxy S5 to PC by using USB cables, then transfer program will automatically detect them  immediately. Then you can see the window as below picture.

Step 3: Transfer contacts to your new Galaxy S5
As you can see, other data like text messages, photos and music can be also transfer from Nokia to Android with the help of  Phone to Phone Transfer. If you just need to transfer the contacts, please remove the marks before other files.
At the last step, you just need to click "Start Copy" to begin transfer contacts, it will take seconds during the process.  When it finish, click "OK".

More About the Phone to Phone Transfer Tool

1)Not only contacts transfer: Also copy text messages (SMS), call logs, pictures, music, videos and apps all can be  transferred between phones.
2)More than 2,000 phones are supported: Transfer data between multiple phones, including Android, Symbian and iOS devices.
3)Support contract phones' data transfer: In spite of cellular carriers, you can transfer data from your old phone to the  new one completely.

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How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Samsung Galaxy S4

How to Recover and Transfer Android Data to Computer


How to Convert Video to Samsung, and Recover, Manager Samsung Data

Convert video to Samsung phone and tablet
Samsung, especially Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets are getting more and more popular with the young Android users. Magical  equipment has a large and beautiful screen, you will feel very good when watching a video or movie. However, if some of your  favorite video is not compatible with your Samsung devices, what can you do? Don't worry, it is an easy job to completely  convert video, and transfer them to your galaxy S3 / S4 just with a conversion tool.Therefor, here we introduce you to use the Android Video Converter.

Android Video Converter, a powerful and effective video converter helping you make the  conversion easily and quickly. It can transfer convert video to almost all formats, including MOV, M4V, MP4, WMV, MKV, AVI,  RM, MPEG, FLV, 3GP and more others to fit your Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S4. Among all the available video converters,  Android Video Converter has the faster conversion speed and more fantastic editing functions for you.

Convert Video to Samsung with Android Video Converter

Step 1: Add Video File to Android Video Converter

Step 2: Select the Supported Output Format and Your Phone Model

Step 3: Begin the Conversion on Your PC

Step 4: Transfer the Converted Video to Samsung

More About The Android Video Converter

Android Video Converter is one of the best solutions for all Android phones or tablet users to solve the problem. With 30X  faster conversion speed than the average video converters available in the market, you are allowed to convert videos or home  DVDs to and from any video format with ease, like AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MPG, and even convert videos to 3D. In  addition, the program lets you burn videos files to DVD disc, DVD folder, or ISO files, download or record videos from  YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Myspace, CNN and other video-sharing sites. Android, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG and more other  smartphones, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, popular devices, apps are compatible with this magical video converter.

Samsung Related Softwares

Samsung Data Recovery: Accident deleted photos, video on your Samsung phone? Lost all of your Samsung contacts and text  messages due to restoring to factory setting? Or you just want to get back some of your deleted documents on your Samsung? No  matter what happen on your Samsung, you can try to use Android Data Recovery. Android Data Recovery is what you can totally  rely on to retrieve all lost or deleted data files, including messages, pictures, contacts, videos, Audio, documents and so  on, from your Android phone or tablet. However, keep in mind that please make sure your device can be switched on and  recognized by your PC, and the battery should be more than 20% before restoring your lost or deleted data.

Samsung Data Manager
: Wanna backup your Samsung phone numbers, contacts and text messages to computer for backup? Looking for  a way to transfer your photos and videos from Samung tablet to PC, so as to share with your family? Want to download, intall,  uninstall apps for Samsung on your computer? Or just need to move apps to SD card to release memory? What you need is just a  Samsung Data Manager, which can one click to backup Samsung contacts, messages, photos, and more to computer and manage all  of them on your PC with ease.

Phone to Phone Transfer: Buy a fully new Samsung phone/tablet, or use to used a Samsung, and want to change other new phone?  But have not any ideas to transfer tons of your data between Samsung and other devices? OK, please don't worry. Phone to  Phone Transfer can transfer data including text messages (SMS), call logs, pictures, music, videos and apps between multiple  phones, including Android, Symbian and iOS devices.


How to Recover and Transfer Android Data to Computer

Prevent lost data (contacts, sms, videos, photos,ect) on your Android devices,you must to transfer Android data to computer for backup with the help of Android Transfer tool.If you lost photo, video,text messages and contacts on your Android phone,you can recover lost data on Android phone.This article teach you a way to recover lost data from Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony and other Android phones/tablets.In additional,you can follow the second use guide to transfer contacts, sms,ect from Android to computer.Let's shows you the first way to recover Android lost data
Transfer Android Recovery
How to Recover lost data from Android devices

Tips: The Android Data Recovery can help you Recover Contacts, SMS and Photos on Android phones

Step 1. Free Download and Run the Recovery Tool

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Step 2. Plug in your Android and Enable USB Debugging

Step 3. Begin to Scan for your Lost Data on Android

Step 4. Preview, Check and Recover Lost Data

Recover Android contacts
Then scanning results will shown on the left in categories, like "Messaging", "Contacts", "Videos" and so on. Click to expand each icon and preview the details. Check whatever you want back and click "Recover" to restore them.

Android data recovery
For more specific information and functions about this recovery program, you can visit more articles from: Android Recovery Tutorials
Leave us comments if you have any questions with the recovery tool.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Transfer everything from Android to Computer for Backup

Step 1 Connect your Android to the computer
Install and run the Android app backup tool on your computer, then it will ask you to connect your Android device to the computer via a USB cable or via Wi-Fi.

Connect your Android to the computer
Step 2 Backup Android files to computer
Here,you can check the contacts, SMS, applications, calendar, playlists, call log, apps and playlist info and select a location by hitting on "Browse", and then click on "Back Up" to finfish the backup work.

Backup Android files to computer
This Android Transfer is also a good helper which can export your Android Music, Movices and Photos to computer and import them to your Android from other device.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

What's more about Android Recovery&Transfer:

Android Data Recovery is an easy-to-use Android file recovery software, which can easily recover various lost contents including contacts, messages, photos, videos, Audio Files and Documents from hot Android devices in a snap.

-Restore erased SMS texts messages and contacts directly.
-Recover missing pictures, music, videos and documents from SD cards on Android, which were lost due to deletion, resetting to factory defaults, flashing ROM, rooting or other reasons.
-Provide preview feature and perform selective messages, contacts and photos recovery.
-Support diverse Android phones and tablets such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, etc.
-Only read and retrieve the data without any personal information leaking.

Android Data Transfer: Manage Everything on Android from Your PC

Android Data Transfer provides great convenience to Android users, who love music & video, text a lot and juggle apps on Android.
• Backup all data on your Android without any quality loss.
• Instantly add fun stuff and enjoy media anytime, anywhere.Add interesting music files instantly and enjoy them as you like.
• Fast download, install or uninstall, export apps in ease.
• Transfer contacts from/to Outlook and send & reply SMS seamlessly from your PC.Transfer contacts between Outlook and your Android, send and reply SMS directly from your PC.