Look from S4 Zoom Samsung's new mobile Internet layout

Galaxy S4 Zoom launch in the outside world seems more Samsung products in the field for a new cross-border attempts, all of the public opinion is also more for S4 Zoom expand the product itself, the body behind the telephoto lens retro look , 10x zoom, professional profile, coupled with ridicule by outsiders slightly rich state of the body, which are the S4 Zoom a launch would become the focus of public opinion.

S4 Zoom in everyone's eyes may be just a phone with excellent camera performance, but for Samsung speaking, S4 Zoom not just a camera phone only. Careful review from January to September this year, Samsung released new product line, it is easy to see, S4 Zoom launch is not a simple sense of cross-border products.

Galaxy S4 officially released early on-line, 5-inch large screen and dual quad-core processor configurations, the official opening of the Samsung large-screen smart phone era; subsequent Galaxy Mega6.3/5.8 accelerate the Samsung on the line to seize the big-screen smart phone market rate , but also for a more efficient scale to seize the Samsung mobile Internet portal updated the user base. In the second half, Samsung Electronics wallets Samsung Wallet officially launched Google Play, Ticket Service work on the line, Samsung officially to the mobile payment platform to enter; early September we awaited smart watches GALAXY Gear on-line, so that the Samsung smart wearable equipment in the field was also not behind.

Product line can be seen from the above, the use of new products from Samsung is substantially occupy different areas of smartphones and smart consumer goods market, more precisely, Samsung is aiming to seize the new multi-channel mobile Internet portal, which is in fact the Samsung this year introduction of new behind the ultimate goal, while Samsung did exactly that. Market research firm StatCounter's latest data show that in August this year, Samsung's global share reached 26.59% of mobile Internet, Apple is only 23.39%. Clearly, this new mobile Internet strategy allows Samsung has overtaken Apple once again become the new mobile Internet portal boss.

Well, S4 Zoom in the end of the Samsung new mobile Internet strategy in play what role do? From Instagram, Path and other photo sharing is easy to see the success of social applications on the Internet, the picture in the form of UGC content on social media in the proportion of growing, and in the mobile Internet, the picture is definitely a big traffic generated, and because users share pictures quality requirements for the continuous improvement of the ordinary smartphone users already can not meet the needs of mobile phone camera functionality.

So, equipped with a 10x zoom lens, 16 megapixel S4 Zoom launch, clever camera and cell phone together, not only to meet the user wishes anytime shoot high quality photos, but also meets anywhere 3G network sharing picture needs. Such a combination of cameras and cell phones cross-border products, destined to attract a large volume users in the pursuit.

On the product itself, S4 Zoom camera phones will undoubtedly become the future direction of the vane, but also led to numerous card machine manufacturers reflection; Samsung's future development from the point of view of strategic significance, S4 Zoom launch, First, to further accelerate the Samsung seize speed mobile Internet portal, the second is the use of cross-border products to help the Samsung product line to achieve new levels of business closed an important measure.

According to internal sources, S4 Zoom seller has very considerable, although there is no lack of the product outside the target of criticism, but the market is always the user volume demand for our products and acceptance best judgment, therefore, the quality of a product will eventually be to validate the user and the market, but also from all the questioning voice will not attack and destroyed.

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